Problem Statement: “Finding Forrester” – Are we gaining writers but losing authors?

The popularity of the internet has given rise to a new breed of writers who are turning out vast amounts of work at an incredible pace. A number who have attracted a significant following have even been published. Does being published in such a manner qualify them to be called “authors”?

The research will attempt to define and differentiate between the traditional concept of what an author is and the growing breed of popular internet writers. Acclaimed authors and their works will be juxtaposed against published internet writers. What makes them different? Is one necessarily better than the other? Should they be kept separate or do they cross each other’s realms?

Are we gaining writers but losing authors? Or are we gaining a new breed of authors?



One thought on “Mindmap

  1. paotiausas says:

    I think one way of making this a bit more stressful for everyone is via incorporating different voices, using your own. What I mean by this: why not try channeling these writers, but all within one literary piece? E.G. Have an essay detailing the most cliche topic (e.g. how you spent your summer), but instead, try channeling this internet writer for the first paragraph, then this literary writer for the second, etc. Then of course, make it about you!


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