[Milestone] First Pitch

    • Title: Writers and Authors… A Rose by Any Other Name?
    • Abstract
      • My project will be an essay originally written in my voice and then “translated” or rewritten in the writing style of other authors. The collection of essays will be compiled to make a chapbook. The essays will be a means of comparing and contrasting the writing styles of classical or literary authors vis-à-vis the more modern or popular writers. If read side by side, the different versions of the essay would show the difference between “high literature” (works that are often construed as serious or boring, which most people tend to avoid) and popular literature (works that are normally written to appease and appeal to the masses). The chapbook will also be a product of the research done, which suggests that copying another author’s style of writing would be beneficial for an aspiring writer. Hopefully, the exercise would also be one of self-improvement and help me in finding my own voice.
    • Framework
      • Before I can start on this artwork in the form of a chapbook, I will be gathering different works that range from classical literature to popular literature. I would then read/look through these works and take note of how the authors wrote. I would pay close attention to how they write their dialogues and how the describe characters and settings. After that, I would then proceed to write the essay in my voice and rewrite it by imitating their voices.
      • I believe that this project is timely due to the popularity of the Internet giving rise to a new breed of writers. A number who have attracted a significant following have even been published. The project will attempt to differentiate the traditional concept of what an author is and the growing breed of popular Internet writers. The writing styles of acclaimed authors will be juxtaposed against the styles of published Internet writers. The approach of showing the different ways a particular essay may be written is an illustration by example. It is the clearest way to show the differences is to have the same piece written in different styles
    • Methodology
      • Output
        • Essay
          • Topic:
            • Still under consideration
          • Chapbook
            • Compilation of essays written about the same topic
              • The first essay to be read would be the one I’ve written in my own voice. It will then be followed by the essays that I will write imitating the voices/styles of other authors and writers
            • Chapbook will be minimalistic in design.
              • Might contain photos of the authors or works I was inspired by to differentiate the essays
            • Reference Authors/Authors to be Imitated
              • Classical/Literary/Acclaimed Works
                • Jane Austen
                • William Golding
                • Scott Fitzgerald
              • Popular Literature:
                • K. Rowling
                • John Green
                • Stephanie Meyer
              • Filipino Wattpad Writers
                • HaveYouSeenThisGirL
                • Bianca Bernardino/SGWannaB
              • Method of Data Collection
                • The first thing that I have to do is collect the works of the authors I’m planning on imitating. I’ll be focusing on the works that they are most known for.
                  • Classical/Literary/Acclaimed Works
                    • Jane Austen (“Pride and Prejudice)
                    • William Golding (“Lord of the Flies”)
                    • Scott Fitzgerald (“The Great Gatsby”)
                  • Popular Literature:
                    • K. Rowling (“Harry Potter”)
                    • John Green (“The Fault in Our Stars”)
                    • Stephanie Meyer (“Twilight”)
                  • Filipino Wattpad Writers
                    • HaveYouSeenThisGirL (“Diary ng Panget”)
                    • Bianca Bernardino/SGWannaB (“She’s Dating the Gangster”)
                  • After the collection, I would look through each work and take note of how the author writes the dialogue and describes their characters and the settings.
                  • All the notes that I would be taking would be recorded in a notebook along with drafts of the essay I will be writing.
                • Process and Timelineprocess-and-timeline-jpeg




12 thoughts on “[Milestone] First Pitch

  1. nathanielnaguit says:

    – My project tackles style as well, and juxtaposing your style with others does sound like a good idea. “Copying another author’s style of writing would be beneficial for an aspiring writer.” I think this is a very relatable topic, even in fields outside literature.
    – I have a similar exercise idea for mine (which is more on digital art), so yes, this framework can also be established as an exercise for writers who want to develop their style.
    – How many literary works do you plan to look at? 8 (in your outline) seems like a lot, so manage your time and shave off a few if you’re scrapped for time. I suggest starting with a style you are familiar with, like your favorite author, and then branch out slowly to styles you are unfamiliar with.
    – Maybe even look into “low art” like fanfiction, and explore talented writers’ styles and compare them to acclaimed writers. Your idea of looking at Wattpad writers is sound.
    – For data collection, try quoting or making a collection of notes or excerpts from the literary references, and look for similar, cliché lines that one can expect to find in the genre. You can use this in your notebook.
    – An essay as an output might be a bit boring, so just an out-there suggestion: try writing a very short excerpt-like passage in your style after learning/going through all the styles/genres you analyzed.
    – This is a huge undertaking, much like mine. Good luck to us both!

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    • minkamouse says:

      Thank you for your comment!

      Yeah, I realize that I did overestimate myself with the literary works :)) I’ll most likely cut it down.

      Also. Thank you for suggesting an alternative output! I’ll look into that ☺

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  2. msmamauag says:

    I think your topic is timely and has the potential to be really interesting. Also, are you planning to translate the piece you created in 2 ways? Like, one would be in the voice of an acclaimed author and other translation in the voice of lesser known author. I think the 3 side by side would make it more cohesive and would highlight the statement you are trying to make.

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  3. fa102leonesfrances says:

    The idea of comparing different authors’ writing styles is a very timely one and it will prove to be not just a good study, but also a great deal of inspiration to aspiring writers as well.

    My only concern is the number of essays you’ll be writing and rewriting. You have to take into account your other subjects as well. Your timeline of doing one essay per day might be a challenge. You might want to consider cutting a few essays out of the list or, to make things easier if you plan to push through with the plan, writing a short essay.

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  4. frankiensteins says:

    sounds very interesting! just need to cut down your snippets to be re-written because they’re so long ahaha, but i can see you already know that. also, some other authors whose writing styles are frequently parodied are ernest hemmingway and edgar allan poe. maybe you could use those parodies as inspiration 😀 mallory on the-toast.net has a funny series called “Every [Russian/French/English] Novel Ever”, which might be a good reference too. good luck!

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  5. ricoplease says:

    Hi Katya, very cool pitch!!!

    At my first reading, my personal concern for your project is that, “how would I know the difference between those authors you have mentioned?” I then realized that your work can be educational in a way —for someone who does not read a lot of creative texts, your work may help me + viewers to know the nuances between those mentioned authors’ writing styles!

    I agree with the other comment though, an essay might be boring. It would really be better if it would be a short-story/anecdote, preferably like a non-fic about something weird, unique or interesting that happened in your life or a fictional story about millennials? HAHA, pero nevertheless it all depends on you. 🙂

    Last concern though is that while you are writing your essay/text in the voices of other known authors, it may be still acknowledgeable that it is still your individual voice that we can read? Hahaha, probably this is just me, another personal concern. Don’t let this stop you, I know you can pull off your project well!

    Good luck, and have fun Katya! 😀

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    • minkamouse says:

      Thank you so much for your comment ☺

      My essay/story (I’m still going to consult Sir on this!) will originally be written in my own voice and it will also be featured in the chapbook ☺


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