WIP 1: Things don’t go as planned


First things first. I didn’t stick to my schedule for this project. In fact, I’m WAAAAY behind it. But that’s okay. Because, really, I was overestimating myself with the amount of work that I planned to do.

I should have known better. Life and other school responsibilities get in the way.

Anyway, I’d just like to say that I have made some tweaks in my project (which, in a way, contributed to the delay in keeping up with my schedule).

Tweak 1:

I will no longer be writing an essay about myself. Instead, I have written a short story excerpt with the topic of love. Why? Because the authors I decided to imitate are not essay writers. They are (more or less) romance fiction writers. I thought that by writing a love story myself, it would be easier to “translate” it in their writing styles.

Tweak 2:

Instead of writing in the writing styles of 8 authors, I have narrowed it down to 3.

At first, I decided to write in the styles of Jane Austen, John Green, and one Filipino Wattpad author (it was either the author of Diary ng Panget or She’s Dating the Gangster) but when I went to the bookstore to purchase the Wattpad novels, they were unavailable so I ended up purchasing “23:11” by Pilosopotasya and “As Told by Nerdy” by Tsubame/Shim Simplina.

In the end, I chose “As Told by Nerdy” because I have actually read it before when it was still in Wattpad and it was an easier style to imitate (“23:11” was written like a chatserye). I also ended up replacing John Green with Jojo Moyes (author of “Me Before You”) because I wanted the three books to have somewhat of a common theme.

My author and book list is now as follows:

  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • Me Before You by Jojo Meyes
  • As Told by Nerdy by Tsubame

The common theme that I see in these three stories is the protagonists don’t exactly get along when they first meet.

The highlights of my week are:

  1. Books
    1. I was able to gather copies of the books in my reading list easily because I already own most of them, other than the Wattpad novels.
    2. The Wattpad novel that I chose to imitate (“As Told by Nerdy) was a story that I’ve encountered before. It was a nice surprise.
  2. Story
    1. In deciding on what to write, I revisited old story ideas that I’ve saved over the years. One was in keeping with the theme of the books in the reading list so this helped jumpstart my writing process.
      1. I have to admit that in revisiting old story ideas, I ended up procrastinating because I enjoyed looking back at them.
  3. Writing
    1. I started drafting the story that I would eventually “translate” using the different writing styles.

The difficulties that I’ve encountered during my week are:

  1. Books
    1. The original Wattpad novels that I wanted to look through were no longer available in stores. I overcame this by looking through the other Wattpad novels available.
  2. Story
    1. I couldn’t think of a story to write so I looked through my reading list to see if they had a common theme. When I decided to write a story wherein the protagonists didn’t get along right off the bat (inspiration: Pride and Prejudice and As Told by Nerdy), I adjusted my reading list accordingly (i.e. replacing The Fault in Our Stars with Me Before You).
  3. Writing
    1. I couldn’t find the inspiration and motivation to write my story from scratch so I revisited old story ideas that I had saved.

Revised Process and Timeline:

Process and Timeline Revised


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