WIP 2: Slow and Steady

So far, so good. I’ve more or less been able to stick to my calendar despite other school requirements that I had to do. I just need to finalize everything and figure out how to layout my chapbook. I’ve already looked up some templates and “How to dos” on the internet. I’m satisfied with my progress.


  1. Books
    1. During the week, I reread passages from Pride and Prejudice and Me Before You to refresh my memory of the authors’ writing styles. I paid close attention to how they describe settings and characters as well as how they write their dialogues. I did the same when I read As Told by Nerdy.
  2. Write
    1. I was able to rewrite my story in the styles of the three authors I chose. I still need to review my drafts but overall, I believe I was able to capture their “voices.”
    2. I actually had to do more drafts for my own stories but only needed a single draft for each of the other authors. I guess there was a learning curve and it was easier to rewrite after the first couple of drafts.
  3. Time Management
    1. I’m quite pleased with myself that I was able to stick to my schedule because I was (and still am) overwhelmed with my workload for other subjects.


  1. Documentation
    1. In a previous blog post, I stated that I would document my notes and drafts in a notebook. I was unable to write down a lot of notes because the ideas I got were quickly translated into the drafts already. I was also unable to write down my drafts in the notebook. Instead, I saved them in my computer. This is more convenient in terms of reviewing and editing my work.


  1. Layouting
    1. I haven’t been able to really think about what my chapbook would look like and what the layout would be. However, I already started researching on the internet for ideas and tips.
  2. Confidence
    1. I’m happy with my rewrites but I’m worried that not all the readers will be able to appreciate the differences between the rewrites or if they would be able to identify the styles of the authors I am emulating.

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